One of my favorite (of all time) worship songs says, “though you slay me, I will trust you…though offended, I will cling to you.” SO GOOD. After visiting friends in charlotte this weekend, I realized that I had been harboring some offense toward the GOD that I walk with and worship. It feels so good to give it up. I feel like I had to hash it out with God( with the help of wise friends, that I trust),and I feel like God made his point. He HAD to put the pressure on me in order to shift my way of thinking, and maybe even my heart.So…even though I am not where I thought I would be right now, God has a gps and he knows exactly where I am, and how to use me right now !

                   How many of you reading this proclaim to God that you will follow him no matter what ? How many of you ask him to break your heart that you might know him more ? how many of you ask him to change you from the inside out ? And how many of you will be OFFENDED when he gives you what you are asking for ??

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