Happy Birthday Erin!!

oh happy day ! Erin Justice Hamby Littleson.. I love you. I hope your birthday is wonderful, and I hope your husband gets you something extravagant.

                           Thank you papa for Erin and thank you for placing her in my path, her view of you changed me. Thank you that you work out the most intricate, delicate, amazing plans for each one of us. Thank you. I love you.

                                 And THANK YOU for MIRACLES !! You have outdone yourself. Every baby is a miracle, but when you laugh in the face of science and give your children the desires of their hearts….your glory cannot be denied. I love you so much.So, on behalf of my friends L and D, I praise you. And for creating my soul sister (erin) I praise you.I dont even know how to praise you like I want to. I dont want to be held down by my feet, and the limitations of my voice…what I want is to fly right into your heaven and thank you face to face. Can you arrange that ?

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