Fear (borrowed from nicole)

I just finished reading the book THE SHACK, which is a story about my worst fear. God gave me the strength to read it, because of the truths that were waiting for me there. Here is what I know….most of what I do is done out of fear. Even the simple things about me. The need for organization comes from the fear that I will lose something important if it is not ALWAYS where it is supposed to be. The rules that I so diligently repeat to my children constantly come from the fear that they will be selfish, godless people and that ultimately,I will have failed. WHAT ???? I’m not saying there should not be rules, I’m saying examine the heart behind it.

            I have a fear of lawlessness, but under Jesus, we are lawless. That should not be scary, it should be freeing. If we are in relationship with him, no law is required to keep us in line. I am looking forward to teaching my kids this new way of thinking. My hearts desire is that the relationship they have with me will keep them in line. Just like GOD wants my relationship with him to be enough to cast my fear away, and walk tall in world under no law, but filled with the knowledge that I am loved and loved and loved.

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