What would it be like if the Lord would let us FEEL him put his arms around us ? Physically, what would it be like ? What would it be like to be so close we could smell his skin, to breathe it in again and again ? what would it be like to recognize his laugh, or the way he walks ?

           My friend has shared some time with him, seen his sense of humor..knows how tall he is (which is not very). I am jealous. I have come to a place where it is my desire to have him come, physically manifest before me and let me breathe in his smell. Is that too weird for some of you ? oh well…the truth shall set you free, or make you seem like a weirdo. whatever. The point is simply this…I’m not satisfied, I want a visitation from the Lord and I am going to bug him about it right now. 

                                   how about you ? I want to know if anyone has seen him, or is like me and asking to see him. gotta go.

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