Some of you reading this had a true fairy tale courtship and wedding. You really understand the “bride” mentality. Well….I am having a hard time with it. Even as a bride, I did not get it. I just kept waiting for Thomas to realize that he was crazy, and change his mind about getting married. Pretty sad, huh ? God is doing something in me, he is restoring the bride mentality in my heart. He has talked to me all week long about this. He is walking me through the steps of preparing my heart in the natural for Thomas and in the spirit as the bride of christ !

          This is what he said this week ” I am the father of the bride, I am proud of you! I own the cattle on a thousand hills, and spoke creation into being…all I have is yours daughter !”

                                 I am really excited about this !! I believe it started on sunday when david walker spoke out about our destinys being revealed and restored. So thanks david, for following the spirit. And thank you daddy for reaching the deep places in me that are calling out to you even when I am unaware of it.

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