do over

There are some things in life that you feel you could do better, if you were given another go at it. I feel that way about pretty much everything in life….even though I don’t like everything about getting older, I LOVE the wisdom that comes with it. Everything I did when I was young, I can do better now(seriously) You young people might not believe me, but it is true. For example

  • sports….much better now
  • driving….much improved
  • cooking and cleaning….down to a science
  • parenting…..looking better all the time
  • being a wife….i try not to think about the first 5 years, it only gets better from there.
  • being a daughter….having one of your own really makes you a better one.
  • fashion….please! I have pictures from when I was 24 where I was trying so hard to look like a proper mommy and wife, that I actually look older than I do now.

There is something to be said for learning and growing. I may not get a do over, but I can look back and make the future better because of it. I am 34 and just now getting to know myself……it feels good.


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