KIDS ARE SO AMAZING !!! Adam is always bored at school, he feels like it is a waste of his 10 almost 11 year old life. Seriously, he can feel his life slipping away from him while he sits in that classroom day after day. scary. Anyways…he came up with a great idea for a debate, to keep the boredom at bay, these last couple of days. He proposed to his teacher a debate on whether or not global warming is real. I was impressed from the get go. They have not completed the debate yet, but adam spent hours working on it last night. He has lots of scientific documentation that makes Al Gore look pretty foolish, but his main point is that in the bible GOD promised not to destroy the earth with water again !

                This was huge for me. I have been praying and hoping that my kids would not go backwards in their beliefs, now that they are in public school. Not only is he NOT going backwards, but he is CLINGING to the promises of GOD and is not ashamed .    Yipee !

                    Every generation has heroes…I believe my son Adam will be one for this generation. 

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