I had the most wonderful answer to my prayer yesterday and a peaceful day with Isaiah. I have realized that my family is just a smaller version of the kingdom. I have the ability to change the atmosphere here. I hold the power.

           Each of my children have gifts, given to them, not by me, but by God. It is my job to recognize them and protect them from the enemy’s grasp.

Sidney(15) nurturing, the ability to see into peoples hearts at just the right time.

Adam(10) the militant spirit of Joshua, leader, and God trusts him with prophetic words for people

Isabelle(7) gifted woshipper, the ability to feel the Lords heart, his grief or joy for his children

Isaiah(6) the heart of a lion, the ability to shatter the enemy with his roar.

            I have been running for so long, pretending to be strong

            give me the will to say I’m weak

             give me the strength to be meek

            rise up in me ,Holy Spirit speak

             rise up in me, Holy Spirit speak

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