mean and surly

There is nothing easy about parenthood. Once the precious child has been concieved, complications begin. You may have a lovely pregnancy, full of beauty and wonder….do not be fooled, that baby inside you is a person and they have a whole 9 months to start planning their attack on you, an attack that will last a lifetime !

                             Just kidding, sort of.

The point here is this: IT IS HARD ! Its one hard phase after the next, you keep thinking “aahh, when we get out of this phase everything will be great ” Just to find out, you are entering ANOTHER phase. But one day, you will put your child(aka the grouchy,gross, quarrelsome,sometimes smelly little person that lives with you ) to bed and he/she will say “can I sing tonight ?” And then miracle of all miracles a small, sweet voice sings over you”amazing grace, how sweet it sounds, it saved a wrench like me “and you will know, what I know. IT IS WORTH IT.

ps-Isn’t this exactly how Abba father sees us ?

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