I woke up feeling desperate this morning, I just prayed but the word desperate continued to resound. I got out my handy websters dictionary and looked it up.

Desperate- reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency.

That lead me to look up urgency.

Urgency- requiring immediate action, or attention.

Lord, I am reckless in my pursuit of you. I need your immediate attention today.Proverbs6:20 says “do not forsake the teaching of your mother ” Make me an effective mother. I am in desperate need of wisdom. Let my kids see me as a lunatic if it pleases you, but let them see that I KNOW you. In proverbs king solomon admits how much he has learned from his Mother. Right now I pray that you would restore the high calling of motherhood, to me and anyone else who is reading this. I know Isaiah’s destiny in you. He is the LION, help me to protect that and teach him how to stand on his own.

We are mothers, let us become like battle axes and break the nations apart if that is what it takes !!

One thought on “desperate-march10,2008

  1. Ang – I love your post today. It really gave me encouragement. I love what you say about letting your kids see you as you are (but by the way I don’t see you as a lunatic!). And at the same time, I echo your ache that my kids see me Christ-following, Christ-obeying, Christ-living and loving woman. Amen to that! Love ya and thanks for your words today.

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