dying to be free -march9,2008

Its been a good weekend, did nothing, hung out with the kids. Its exactly what I needed, except for the fact that I watched the food network and got myself all revved up about cooking lots of fabulous food that my kids won’t eat !

     On a different subject, do you ever think about the songs we sing to the Lord ? The words, I mean ? Suppose I say “break my heart GOD ” Am I prepared for him to do it ?I have said to him to help me die to myself, I’ve said it over and over….He’s doing it. He has put me in a position with Isaiah (6 yrs) where I can only die to myself, lay down my pride and ask for help. Dying to myself does not really feel good, and it really doesn’t look good to the outside world either. But I trust Jesus, and his love for me.

                              I know what you see in me, you can’t look away

                              you’re drawn to the carnage, more every day

                             This flesh is falling, His voice is calling

                             this thing that makes you stare, and I don’t even care

                            A dying woman, a soul thats laid bare

                            don’t mind me, I’m just dying to be free

                            Dying to myself, dying to this world

                            Don’t mind me, I’m just dying to be free

                          HEY ! Look at me, I’m dying to be free !

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