Do not underestimate…

the power of laughter.

The value of sitting down to a meal with good friends.

The word of God.

Sunshine on your face.

A clean house.

Fresh flowers on your table. 

Peace that comes from deep down inside your spirit. 

Finding treasures big and small. 

Art… Especially if your child created it. This sketch by Isaiah leads me to the next… 


Encouragement …. And this is the one I want to talk about. Sitting down with a friend the other night , I opened myself up, took a chance on hearing her say- get over it, move on. It takes strength to be vulnerable , and it took strength for her to lift me up. She spoke to me in a way that breathed life into dry bones. Her encouragement was oil to my brittle places. She reminded me who I am. She gave me courage. I hope you all have a friend that encourages you. Not with empty words, but strong life giving words of power. I worship with words and I get broken, never underestimate the power of someone calling that out in you. 

Do not underestimate the power of Holy Week, the goodness goes on an on. His body and blood set aside for us. His crucifixion , love in action. His resurrection , holiness …. revealed.