As women we are the gatekeepers for a great number of things . This week I felt like a light came on for me in one of these areas. I decided to educate myself about the products that I allow on , and in my body. I am a self diagnosed product junkie, hell bent on aging as best I can . How could I have neglected to find out the  real  cost of some the items that I rely on daily ? Not the expense, but the cost. The cost to my hormones , my thyroid …. My health. Products with fragrance are hormone disrupters. I don’t know about you , but my hormones don’t need any help in being unpredictable , and all over the board . This goes for my teenage daughter too. It’s my job to decide what comes into my home . Laundry detergent, cleaners, body lotion,deodorant ,  soap … These are all things that I can control . 

     So why wouldn’t I ? I am excited about this , it makes me feel like I’m doing my job ! I also love the idea of passing the information on to others . You know better, and then you do better . I’m aligning myself with a company on a mission . Beauty Counter . I’m so grateful for their mission . Better beauty . 

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