Shift change

Or something like that. Things are shifting . One of my sons in particular makes fun of me for getting so excited and intense over New Years . I ask the Lord for a word for my year, and then I read ,and study ,and pray and often tell long, drawn out stories at the dinner table about what I am seeing and learning through that word . 

This year, maybe more than any previous… I feel a real shift. It’s a shift in my way of thinking , a breaking down to get to breakthrough . I’ve had plenty of breakdowns , but the shift is causing me to be able to see the breakthrough ! 

Relationships are changing , friendships are changing . I feel like I am looking through a different lens . Some of it is hard , and it will take some getting used to and some grace . I am excited about the newness . I am eagerly anticipating this year and all of its bittersweets. Adam will graduate , and Belle will be sweet 16. I am claiming that , SWEET 16 . Hahaha ! 

I can either white knuckle it with them , or I can hold on loosely, trusting that the same FATHER that held me ALL the days of my life , is holding them too. 

I’m not checking out. It’s just time for a shift change . 

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