The Boss


There is a reason the ladies love you. You love well. Better than anyone else I know, in fact. You have a brave heart , I know this because it takes a ton of courage to be gentle, and you do it well. You are the king of our sandcastles, and the builder of our dreams. I thank God for you. I truly do. I thank him that you are the father that our kids get to have. Oh, how blessed they are! And so , yes, you are the boss, the hero, the larger than life head of our family. But, you are also…quick to forgive and slow to anger, giving and loving. You will cry unashamedly  at a Disney movie, but you will also stand up and fight for justice ,and fairness when it is called for. Our children’s hearts are safe with you. I am grateful.  Oh yeah, the boys love you too. They would follow you anywhere. 


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