Salt -n- Sand 

there is something to be said for air… that is salty and water…. that washes you clean. It’s only been 1 day of vacation , and already I’ve watched… The love of a good father , riding the waves, fear small , smiles big. An uncle only 13 years old take the hand of a baby… leading her.  A mama, though young, spreading sand on her baby’s legs, laughing with the knowing that …TODAY is enough. Man child , and big blue eyed girl running for the pier , oh my , all in one day … Joy that is Big, GIANT … In  all its tired, beautiful, fun, salty , tearful , beautiful realness. I’ve seen pain, and I’ve seen joy. I’m thankful, I’m grateful , I’m not wasting one minute on anything other than love, and the one who created me for it. 

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