I’m just a girl

Im just a girl, a 41 year old girl. A girl with a husband , and kids, and yes… Even a granddaughter . I have feelings, and they get hurt.  I have memories, and they make me sentimental. I have hopes and dreams, and although I’m not always talking about them, it doesn’t mean they are smaller than yours. I have love. I have it to give , and have done so freely. I’m just a girl , finding my way, learning more about myself every day. I have friends, I’ve learned not to be inclusive. It does not gel with what I say I know about Jesus. It doesn’t gel with what I’m learning about love. I’m just a girl … In the world, a new girl, a strong girl , a girl who tries, fails, falls, cries, hopes, loves, lives, rebounds, renews, reveals…walks upright in a sideways world. 

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