Mirror mirror…

You know how some women look just as pretty bare faced, as they do with their makeup on? Their features are the same, and they allow them to show through the makeup. Then there are some women who look drastically different with and without makeup.  To the point that you can’t believe it’s the same person? One is not better, it just struck me that a lot of us are like that with our personal and public personas. Some of us look pretty much the same when we are just with our families at home, cooking dinner, playing games, chatting it up…as we do when we get dressed up and go to church, by look the same, I mean our countenance … The manner in which we conduct the business of life. Some of us look drastically different at home, than we do in public. Our attitudes, our responses to our husbands, our children, our friends ,our very hearts can be unrecognizable from the women we are on stage, or out to lunch, or sitting in the pew. Just a thought. Are you a natural beauty? Do you look the same in every light? Is your heart transparent? Are you living an authentic life? I know I’m going to be looking in the mirror today. The flaws are there for sure, it’s walking out the door without covering them up that’s the most beautiful. 

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