It’s your birthday

You and me together , that’s how it will always be. I love you today and every other regular day of our lives. Happy birthday to the man who is better after 20 years than I could have imagined. I still day dream about you, and want to hold your hand. You are my home, my land.

It was you, it was me, it was lunch on a regular day… We were standing in line at the bbq place, 

You were telling some story that was bigger than you, and I was busy memorizing every line on your face. Thinking of all the days and nights that had made your heart mine , brought us here , to this place , on this… regular day.

We know now that , loves not fair, and it can be war sometimes , but it’s worth it if you dare. Dare to stand, dare to fight, dare to play… on a regular day. Dare to laugh , dare to love , dare to stay… Every day. 


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