The word bird came into my spirit with the new year.  It made me smile. It brought my mind to a place of singing, melodies, feathers, flying, freedom, and ….nests. I clearly heard –feather your nest.  I started collecting feathers, and holding them close, like prized possessions . I even started planning changes to my house.  After all, that is my nest , right? 

             All along the way, from the new year and even before, I’ve been dealing with parenting issues.  Problems and prayers turned into pleading for breakthrough. I was and am walking out the steps God has given me.  And then tonight a friend got a word for me. Nest . Ok. Redundant much ?  Somehow there was more for me in this word. It is a timely word, and ever evolving to show me what God is speaking. She sent me the definition because she knows that language is magical to me. 

Nest- the place where birds lay eggs and take care of their young . 

I read it, and then I layed down in it, this word …nest , it covered me like a blanket.  And it was there  wrapped up , that  I heard this again  – feather your nest.  And this time I knew, it had nothing to do with my kitchen!  And everything to do with the environment around my kids.  I need to place patience and encouragement in my nest in equal measures.  And then I need to layer the atmosphere with laughter and love.  A soft place to land . The baby birds will not always be in the nest, but they are now. I will do my best to feather it with beautiful things: prayers, and tears, seashells, and river rocks, memories and stories, truth, justice, and grace that leads to kindness.  Feathering my nest, taking care of my young. 

2 thoughts on “Nest. 

  1. (There is a story about the origin of the name Kothazham (am not sure whehter this is correct). Chirakkadavu Mahadevan have another name as “Koovathazhe Mahadevan”. This is because there is a belief that the idol of Mahadeva was come up from the earth when one old lady was digging “Koova” (something similar to ginger & turmeric ), she found blood coming from earth and she informed the people. Once they digged more, they found the idol of Lord Shiva. Bcos this idol was escavated from underneath the Koova plant, he got named as “Koova thazhe Mahadevan”)The British during their rule had changed the name of several places, as they could not twist their tongues to pronounce it. Thus Kollam became Quilon, Thrissur Trichur, Kozhikkode Calicut and Kothazham Kottayam. But, for some strange reasons Kottayam was never known as Kothazham, but this village 34 kilometers southeast of Kottayam came to be known as Kothazham, with none raising their fingers.

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