Throwing back

today is about going back, even though every cell of my being is moving forward . The lord is taking me back to some hurts, and some healing. Opening my eyes…revealing. That’s just what he does! It’s his privilege to conceal things, and it’s my honor to search them out, and when the time is right.. Bam!!  April 30, 2006, ya’ll that was so long ago, the lord showed me a picture of myself, and then I felt him say- there is a scarlet letter A on your chest, and my dearest one , it stands for ADORED.  How could I have forgotten that? And yet I did. I got busy living, and I forgot that. He was kind enough to reveal it again today. There are relationships in my life that are in tough places right now, and sometimes my flesh hears that I’m undervalued, or insignificant . But get this…. My spirit heard the word… ADORED. Thankful that my spirit has bigger ears to hear him with. 

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