He makes me worthy, and I don’t mean he makes me feel worthy…. I mean , HE makes it so. His affection for me, for you , is an action word. He is loving me, and that love , my friend, is affecting me. In every way, he is lifting my chin, holding me. This morning while I was still in bed with my sleep face on, I pictured my grandaughter arms lifted saying – hold you. She means hold me, of course. I did the same thing to Abba this morning. How freeing to be with someone who knows every tear that has ever fallen from my eyes. How easy to talk to someone who already knows every detail of my life. He knows where I’ve been, and who I am still becoming. He is doing a new thing this spring, and it’s making me beautiful. Bird was the word I heard for this year, and as new life is showing up all around me, there is a breaking, a hatching, and the shell is falling away. It is out of the ground that he creates, and out of the ground that hope springs. 

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