The long and short of it.

The day starts out with a fresh perspective, a robe on my body, and coffee in my mug. I make a to do list a mile long. And then I start school with Z. By lunch the shininess of this new day has worn off, and by 3 pm , I am an old, wrinkled, haggard nag … barely standing. Or at least that’s how I feel. These days can be so long, but time is so short. I am praying for joy, for energy, for creativity. At the same time I’m old and wise enough to know to be grateful in all THIS. My gratitude list looks something like this:
The time I have with Isaiah
The freedom to teach at home
The health to get up everyday
The laughter that my family shares
The mercy that is sufficient when laughter gives way to yelling.
The faith that good wins, God wins.
The desire to create, to grow , to do more
My children, the people that they are!
My grandaughter and all that she is. The fulfillment of a promise , that God restores what we have lost. Time, love, joy!
My husband … Words can’t express
My heart, it’s accessible , it doesn’t hide, sometimes it breaks, but on it beats. Day after day . And I am grateful. That’s the long and short of it.

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