Antlers and beauty

I have had a longing to do something artistic. Yes, I know… juggling is an art form. Teaching Isaiah at home definitely takes some creativity. And being married to Thomas…the most creative man on earth? Yes, it’s an art I have mastered. And still I wanted to make something. I want to make a song. But for now , I am making necklaces and bracelets that come from the creator himself. Wood beads, stone, horn, antlers, and bone. Natural, and bohemian! Statement pieces for those who like their look to have a natural element. It’s a newborn business, yep, I’m selling these! I can hardly sleep for thinking about the creative process. It’s fun to do something new, to create something. To remember that we are all artists. Deep down I believe that I’m still on the path to creating my song, my sound. I’m just enjoying some beautiful scenery along the way. You can find my baby business on Instagram @foxandibes and etsy will be up and running this week. If my life is a canvas, it’s incredibly colorful and full of life right now.
If you are wondering about the name fox&ibes , it’s the name of a mother daughter duo that I was introduced to many years ago. If you know me at all then you know that my heart beats , and breaks for the mother daughter relationship in general. So beautiful in all its complications. Anyways, that’s it. I loved those ladies names! And I love the idea of creating something WITH and for my daughters. And for you too!


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