Come to me

Young girls that are hurting are vulnerable . They are easy targets for the wolves at our doors. I know from experience the search for love will lead you into exile. Even girls who love the Lord will find that there are weak spots in their armor , when the the world becomes their refuge . The only help, the only way to derail this pain train is Jesus. And of course , Holy Spirit. The same word that God used for woman in genesis , is the word that means Holy Spirit. Helper, nurturer….the peace in the midst of chaos. Heavy heart today for the young ones out there today. The ones searching. Praying that they find truest love in their grasp . And for the older ones who have looked for years and still don’t know….He is all you need, His love is bigger than your past and present .

Come to me
Sit with me
Let me hold you and rub your hair
Come and lay down what you’ve had to bear.
I will hold your tears, give back the lost years.
Just come.
I’ll whisper and I’ll sing a song just for you
The words strong, the promises true.
Come to me, little baby ….I see you.

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