I’m trying to stay present. Not an easy thing for me to do on such a busy week. I’ve over committed myself, and that tends to send me into a tailspin. I sit and worry about the things on my calendar, thinking of ways to cancel them. This week is just like that. I’m excited about every thing that I’ve said yes to, however , if I think about more than one at a time, my heart rate gets squirrelly . Today we finished our first novel, just two weeks into school! So tomorrow, we will go see the movie! Isaiah and I are both excited, this is one of the benefits to educating him at home. I have ample opportunity to be close with him, talk to him… study him. And so even though our church is moving this weekend, and Sidney is moving this weekend, the first Clemson game is this weekend, and best of all ….Layla turns one this weekend. I will try to be present in the here and now, and enjoy each thing as it comes. To those of you who are praying for Isaiah and I as we walk out each day, thank you .

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