Heart Song

I sang a few words of a song last night. The kitchen got quiet, I noticed my husband looking at me in a funny way. I had the sudden realization that since my kids have gotten too big for a sing song bedtime, I rarely sing anymore. The funny thing is, it’s nothing to do with my kids, and everything to do with me. Eight years ago I knew God was calling me to write songs. I knew it. I just didn’t know how to turn my poetry into melodies. I gave up writing songs, and with that …my singing. Even around the house, even in the shower. I suddenly believed that everyone was a critic, and waiting to hear how bad I was. Ridiculous, considering my main audience was God, and my kids.But The Lord has been speaking to me about it. He wants to open my song back up. He loves the spontaneous dish washing , voice straining, heart breaking and mending worship that is missing from my life. Words get into your brain, but music makes it’s way straight into your heart. I don’t know why I have been living without it, but I don’t want to. How about you? What does your worship look like? And have you ever laid it down for a time?

2 thoughts on “Heart Song

  1. i could’ve written this exact same thing – wow. we are in a very similar place! God is calling me out to – to worship Him and sing my songs and write my songs more around my house and my kids and release my need and desire for approval from others. thank you for sharing!!! we’re in this together! hugs, lora

  2. Write girl write!! One of my all time favorite songs was written by a housewife writing her heart to Jesus the “Revelation Song.”

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