Memorial Stones


 You call us to walk into territory that is not our own….we ask, we pray, maybe we cry…we fear. And then you lift our chins so that we can see what is before us,  there you are, there it is….again. You have carried us through, and delivered us.

                                Twelve stones you say, a memorial display …for our children, and our children’s children, a story to tell , words and memories of how we nearly fell. And when they ask how me made it , how we overcame…we will point them to you.

               In Joshua 4, the Lord tells the Israelites to pick out 12 stones and carry them from place to place , and then to  lay them down in each place where they made camp.  The Lord delivers them again and again. He tells them that the stones will be a memorial for their children to see what HE had done.  I am wondering today….do you have stones laid down, placed so that your children can see how the Lord delivers you, carries you through your struggles big, and small ? It seems important , our testimonies, not just for the lost, or for strangers, but for our kids…the generations that coming behind us. Memorial stones….think about it.


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