News Flash

While thinking, and stressing, and obsessing about getting a job, I had a revelation.  I am NEVER going to remember everything that I need to remember.  With, or without a job outside of this house, I will NEVER remember the one million things that I need to remember.  Dr’s appts, tests, quizzes, projects, lunch menus, afterschool clubs, before school clubs, snacks, for test days, snacks for cross country meets, FCA meetings, student council meetings, youth group, civil air patrol, birthday parties, gifts for birthday parties, volunteering at church, before school bible study, sunday afternoon bible study, game night, orthodontic appts, signing the reading log, and the agenda, packing lunch…..This could go on, and on, and I know that your list looks similar.  But there was something great about realizing that it is impossible to remember everything, all the time. And something incredible in realizing that all those things that I listed are NOT, what make me a good mom. Those things represent a piece of the mommy pie, a sliver. It’s the bedtime talks, and the broken moments, the silly laughter, and dinner conversations, the prayers …if you forget every appointment, and never volunteer on the pta, it’s going to be okay.  As long as you don’t forget the prayers. That is where I find calm in the midst of all this fast moving chaos.  I pray for their health, their safety, their friends, their teachers, their study habits, and their future spouses.

That being said, if we miss something…oh well.

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