can’t wait.

My sister is at the beach with her kids, first time they have ever been.  Magic.  I remember the first time each of mine saw the majesty of the ocean,  my favorite memories of all times . We will be going in a couple of days,  and I am no less excited now that they are 14,  12 , and 10.  I love the idea of wrapping myself in them like a blanket,  letting their banter cover me, and their laughter feed me.  At least for a little while, and then someone will hit someone,  someone will scream….and I will be ready for time apart from them.  The ebb and flow of life as a parent.

   Last day of school for Z today.  Relieved.  Ready to rest my brain.

Man child got his passport in the mail. What ? two weeks in Germany with his grandparents. Oh my.

That is all, an update about what goes on.

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