date night.

 You wont read this until morning, by then I will be sober. I’ve been on a date night . A fabulous engagement party for my nephew, where I was neither the oldest, or the youngest. I feel like it is so important to have these moments in life. The moments where you are with people who have kids younger, and people who have kids older. The conversations are priceless. What brand of diapers are best…to praying for your kid’s future spouse. We talked about it all. Life is a guessing game, nothing is for sure with kids….it’s ok, the daily work is the good stuff . The getting to know each personality…putting the time in. A Father’s work is never done, trust me, I know. It was a good night, and a job of parenting well done…we celebrated. Tomorrow is Mother’s day, and I hope each of you is remembered and honored in a way that lets you know….your job matters, you matter…you gave life once, but now you SUSTAIN it. goodnight new mothers, and goodnight mothers with sons getting married…I love you all.

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