perception is everything.

Little lion boy is home today.  He is not sick . I am. Heartsick, that is. He had a run in with his teacher yesterday. We knew right away as he walked, shoulders slumped forward, head down…to the car. Wheels start spinning in our minds, what has happened ? What damage has been done to this,  oh so  fragile,  state of going to school ? He claims nothing happened, even though his eyes are so sad. Thankfully, his teacher e-mailed me , otherwise, I would have had no clue.

Apparently, he was talking . Or, she thought he was talking, and told him to stop. He argued that he wasn’t talking, and put his head down, and shut her out. I am all too familiar with this action. He wouldn’t participate in the rest of the activities . He refused to let her sign his daily agenda. I know that these are disrespectful things to do , I am well aware of what is expected at school . I don’t understand why the teacher felt that she had to call an administrator to come in . I don’t. Seems to me, she could have let it go at this point, it was the very end of the day.  The act of bringing someone else in, and telling them what he had done pushed him over the edge.  He left the class for the car line. She says he ran out, and refused to stop.

I am faced with the fact that he may not go back to school. Period. And I am so conflicted about it. I am hurt for him. He is so angry at the teacher. And I am a little angry, too. I have explained to her how he hears things in a magnified way, and how he never bought lunch until this year because the lunch ladies were too intimidating…I let her know that embarrassment for him is the worst, and that his shame brings on anger. He shuts down, and the anger builds. That is what has happened.  School is a good practice in structure for him, he needs that, and now it looks like that may have been shattered. Perception is everything, at least to him.

2 thoughts on “perception is everything.

  1. Sweet Angie, please know that I am hurting and praying with you! I will pray that somehow Father will work in his heart, it wil be handled and he will go back to school. I know that it seems impossible, but I will pray anyway. I have learned to pray that Father will work directly in the heart of the person, since He knows how best to do that. Love you

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