little big-eyed girl and me.

Big-eyed girl has been learning about abstinence this week at school.  Normally, I would be for this.  However, my particular little girl wasn’t ready for this information.  She is overloaded with statistics, and scared to death that she will marry someone with a STD, who doesn’t know that they have one, because 85% of people show no symptoms, and then unaware of any problem, have a baby and give it an STD. Yes….this was last nights conversation. And yes, it was a run on sentence…..

She went to bed early with a headache, and I am convinced that it was because of the information swirling around like a blizzard in her head.  I know it has to be taught, and I know that someone will tell her, and most likely give her wrong information…..I got it, I’m just saying….it was a little more than we were expecting.  I got in bed with her, we prayed, I rubbed her head, and I knew….in that moment she was so open to hearing what I had to say. Really hearing.  I reminded her that her FATHER holds the whole world in his hands. And corny, or not, that image brings peace. I assured her that there is a plan for her future, and that it was put in place before the day, before the night….I whisper/prayed…. snuggle under his wing baby, its all going to be alright, remember what is good and true, remember who loves you.  She drifted off, and I drifted away.  Forgotten the fighting, the mess from earlier gone….she is so lovely, this spirit that has been entrusted to me.  And so it goes, another day gone by.  It just tastes so darn bittersweet.

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