speak my language.

Not everyone sees things the same way. Not everyone hears things the same way either. Isaiah, in particular. My youngest son HEARS  you yelling at him, even when you aren’t. He HEARS me speaking very harshly, even when I’m not. He FEELS unwanted a lot of the time. And that makes me broken hearted, a lot of the time.  I am getting to the bottom of this. Having my head on the ground is the most productive thing I can do right now. Isaiah isn’t perfect…he blurts things out that are not politically correct, he isn’t the most flexible kid in the world either, the word no sends him into a tailspin. But He is mine. My baby.

                                  All of the kids have been sick. First, Adam had strep, then Belle got the crazy coughing, fever virus, then Adam got that, now Isaiah has it. When Isaiah takes motrin, and his fever goes down, he REFUSES to believe that he is still sick. And after an extremely long day, stomach x-ray…2 hour wait, sorry…I couldn’t fight with him anymore. Adam had been down at the neighbors (didnt take his phone, even though I reminded him twice), and so Isaiah wanted to go too. I said no, and I said no, and no again…and then I gave in. SORRY. Adam hasn’t been fever free for 24 hours, so I guess he shouldn’t have gone either. I can’t think about it anymore right now.  I hear my boys talking and eating, all sadness, forgotten….Thank you Lord that Isaiah can move on from getting his feelings hurt, he is really getting better at that. Now help me. Love me to you.

2 thoughts on “speak my language.

  1. Rosie come back! I miss your witty commentary and quirky views on life. No pressure…just letting you know people do read your words 🙂

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