cupcakes and polka dots !

I am in the thick of planning my Lia Sophia loves Amelia Cone event. At times, I have doubted myself. I was right to do so…..on my own, I get overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure. Thankfully, I am not on my own. The Lord is with me, every step of the way. And I am encouraged, and excited at the prospect of furthering HIS KINGDOM ! Amelia is 17 months old, and has been through more medical procedures than I, at 37, have . Not only that, her mom, Jenny is a source of GREAT inspiration to me. She started out as Isaiah’s second grade teacher, she did not give up on him, even when he was screaming, and fighting, and refusing to come into the classroom. Jenny was strong, and gentle at the same time. After watching her walk through this hard time with her precious baby girl, I know….STRONG and GENTLE, that is her character. I just want to help her out….and so the Lia Sophia loves Amelia Cone party came to be ! Today, pammythecakelady agreed to DONATE the cupcakes for the party !! I love a generous spirit. This event is going to be fun. Jewelry, cupcakes, and most importantly a community helping out.

the event is Wednesday February 16th, at my home. It’s a drop in from 6-8. If you would like to come please email me for directions. If you can’t come, but still want to help out, you can order some great jewels online at the February special is buy 2 pieces at reg price, and get 2 at half price ! Make the 2 most expensive items your half off…how great is that ??  ok, think on that. What can YOU do ?

  here she is, she is a little bigger than this now. A mover, and a shaker, enjoying all the things that a little princess should. I am hoping and praying for a miracle for Amelia, but until then….lets do what we can to make the days a little easier ! The Cones fly to Philadelphia for treatments, they are about to run out of their donated SKY MILES, I am hoping that the proceeds from this event will help ! Thank you.

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