at your feet….

I’ve put my head on the ground 3 times already today. Fake it until you make it. Being humble does not come easy….therefore, the posture(head down), comes in handy. I prefer to concentrate on my royal blood, being a princess and all. Problem is, I am broken. I usually let my soul lead my spirit, and apparently…my soul has no sense of direction. That’s ok, I am finding my way back. Putting my head on the ground, and asking the Lord to shed light on my dark areas. I am making a way, opening my eyes to the things that I have not wanted to see. Once , a long time ago, Erin saw me in her mind’s eye with an empty basket, I was bringing it to the Lord, eager for the things that HE would fill it with. Today, I saw myself with the same basket, only this time, I was bowed down low,at the Lord’s feet, and the basket was on my head…..I am still eager to see what He has, but I am learning to humble myself before HIM.

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