I have been praying for Adam this morning. All morning. There is some bullying going on at school, and he has reached his breaking point. Adam does not have 100$ shoes, nor does he have a different pair of jeans for every day of the week. And he really doesn’t complain about it. He is a good kid. It has just been so heavy on my mind….the battle that our teens fight. The battle to be normal….the battle to fit into this culture. The Lord told me a year ago that Adam had an internal compass, guiding him. That gave me comfort, but it makes the battle harder for Adam. Ignorance is bliss, and he can’t fall back on that….he KNOWS the truth. So, today I am praying that Adam hears the whispers of Jesus, the son of man, the one tempted in every way…..and KNOWS that his name is written on the soft flesh of the palm of his hand. Adam Wirthlin….is written there. I am praying for that, and I am praying for Egypt. The unrest in our world is closer than we think…..bring peace Lord, to our home, to our country….even to our enemies.

One thought on “Unrest….

  1. What a blessing to read your post today!!! Beautiful words…beautiful talent Girl!!! I feel the same with my kiddos…so hard to trust our Father as He works in their hearts, whispers in their ears and shows them the way. Praying for Adam today! 🙂

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