Busy is putting it lightly…..

 Isabelle may have to have her arm re-broken, praying for a miracle. Isaiah has to have another tube put in his ear and his adnoid removed. Adam is going out for soccer, and getting plugged into the youth group at Southside.  They actually had a retreat this weekend, and I am so eager to hear about it ! I am doing a womens bookstudy at Crossroads that is rocking my world, and making me sort out my theology….hmmm. Thomas and I are also trying to engage in a couples small group. It feels so good to gather with couples who KNOW, you have to seek it out, it doesn’t just fall into your lap…the LORD is a mystery, and it takes time and energy to have a relationship with him. And then there is LIA SOPHIA….I am working it ! I am proud of myself, I won the greatest bracelet at the White Party ! I also feel like te women that I have been blessed with working under, are just the greatest. Kim is my advisor, and she is 24/7 support, on every level. LOVE HER, and her charming husband ! And then there is Heather. She lives in Cape Cod, came down for the afore mentioned white party….she is a Lia Sophia ROCK STAR. Her energy is contagious, I let her rub off on me a little this weekend. Her husband Tim is a tatto ARTIST. I will post his link later(my mind is reeling). They have the sweetest spirit, and I am excited to have met them.

                     I feel like I have had ten cups of coffee, my teeth are on edge, my blood is pumping…what else can I say ? I feel hopeful, and more than that…I feel blessed. I can be a complainer, and I can isolate myself, but I don’t want to. I WANT to be magnetic, and charming. I want to draw people to myself, my business, and my LOVE…Jesus of Nazareth. All of that is possible. HIS KINGDOM COME.

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