digging in….

The Lord is RIGHT on time. And therefore, I have to believe that this new thing he is doing in me, around me, and through me is right on time too. I ventured out of my house today to attend a book study at church. It’s called rediscovering the kingdom, it’s written by Myles Munroe. After reading chapter one, I have decided to call it…DISCOVERING the kingdom. There are some fundamentals that I appear to be missing. I love the Lord, I love him all day long, and I hear from him….when I listen, but don’t you ask me a question about my theology, it’s lacking. Until now, I let that handicap me. I just didn’t know where to start. A grown woman, who knows and loves the LORD….how embarrassing to still have so many MISCONCEPTIONS. But here I am, and here HE is. I am full of hope and hunger. I want to connect all the dots of creation, and communion with ABBA.  He is faithful to his word, and that makes me smile inside, because I know the things HE has written on my heart will come to pass. I am digging in, and I am bringing everyone in this house with me !

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