Bohemian Glam….

I made the greatest dip the other day. No fanfare, or photos…just a great dip. One container of sour cream, I bag of Shredded cheese, chives, and crumled bacon. Serve with corn chips. GOOOD. Things I am loving in an outrageous way. Here we go….Well, Thomas, of course, and colored lights….holiday jazz…

these things ……here. From the Sundance catalog !!

That’s it … style, I think I have finally figured it out. It’s Boho Glam. I like natural things, with a little twist of glamour mixed in. Anyone else have trouble figuring out your style ? Are you classic, or are you romantic ? Edgy, or sporty…hmmm, think about it, the new year is coming. Could it be time for a new you ? Minimalist, or over the top…whatever it is, figure it out, and GO FOR IT !!

That’s all. I’m in the shopping mood, it will pass. The money has all been spent on my little sugar plums.

I can’t wait to see their faces ! This post has been scattered, and a little unfocused, welcome to my day. Maybe tomorrow, I will write about something with some kind of purpose. Hmmmm. maybe not.

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