Birthday blues…

 The first birthday phone call my mom got today was the one telling her that her brother overdosed last night. He is in intensive care. Happy birthday. Sometimes, thats just how life is. The good news….we talked for a while, and by the end we were laughing, and looking forward to her birthday dinner tonight. Sometimes, thats just how life is.

                             Happy birthday Mama. I love you, with each year that goes by, I realize how hard the job of parenting is, and I want you to know how much I appreciate the hard work you have put in. It’s so easy for some to judge, sort of ridiculous isn’t it ? Anyways, I hope today that you feel the warmth of your family’s love for you, even though its FREEZING outside. I hope that we reflect the joy that you have given us, even though there is sadness. The JOY has to be bigger, its the joy that makes you strong. Remember that. Not joy that comes from circumstances, but the joy that comes from somewhere deep down,the seed of joy that has been  covered and protected, even through the worst of times, by your FATHER himself, with his huge hands. I love you, I love you. Happy Birthday…..oh what the hell?? Happy EVER DAY !! made you smile, didn’t I ?

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