What you BEHOLD (hold in your being), you BECOME (come to be), and what you become, you can …RELEASE(give away, pour out, let go of, set free).

                       I am holding you Lord, right here, in me, in my lungs, in my heart.

                        I am like you in every way, becoming more so, every day.

                        funny, beautiful, glad, and strong….why did it take so long ?

                        And now, I am letting it go…pouring it out, setting free, the YOU that is in me, so that everyone can see.

                            Just who it is….I was created to be.

For years my pain was alive, and it was looking for pleasure. Hurt people have a tendency to hurt people. But my ABBA was so faithful, and persistant, and he pulled, and tugged, and sent people into my life that had perfect understanding of who I was, past and present….some of them HE sent, simply to LOVE me. And they did. Healed people, heal people. Healed from my orphan state of mind, I really want to help other women and girls realize the perfect love of the father. Perfect in every way, no matter what. No matter who you have slept with, no matter how much you have manipulated, and self-hated. There is a perfect love, and it is waiting in the wings. HE….is waiting in the wings.

              My fabulous, scandalous, perfect FATHER is not through with me yet….He is just getting started. I am no fool, I know the seducer reads my blog, he, too is watching from the wings. I have been EQUIPPED with everything that I need to withstand the lies, old and new. I will keep my eyes on you Father , and if I stumble….if I fall… will be into your waiting arms. The arms of LOVE.

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