who’s your daddy ?

ok. Hello. I  don’t even know how to put into words what the Father is speaking to and doing for….me. The ladies conference was just the icing on the cake. I am still processing, so I will just share one short little thing. We were asked by the speaker to write down a lie about the Father’s character that we had been believing, and then search out the truth about it. Once we found , or realized the truth we had to write it on a nametag, and wear it . Even though in my head, I know that HE redeems, and restores broken things….I think I was believing that he is a perfectionist, in reality, HE is a messy lover. He created the jagged human spirit, He loves the messy way that I love him. I, too, am a messy lover.  It’s just my way. HE has made me perfect, but not in a perfectionist kind of way. He has made me whole, but not in a self-reliant kind of way.  Who is my daddy ? He is a messy lover, a builder, a boulder, a shoulder, a  scandalizing, vandalizing, rebel with a cause, and that cause is….me.

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