I am the gatekeeper….of my home. When I let my guard down, my enemy knows.  And when I go to battle, my enemy knows that too. I am not a quiet watchman, I am highly motivated to protect the treasures that live within these gates. Treasures such as, my children, and my marriage. I am entering a time of battle now, Adam is about to turn 13, and I will guard him with my life. At the same time, I have to let go of him, he has to become a man. A wonderful, smart, good man, but a man, nonetheless. How do I guard him, and let go of him at the same time ? The answer that I keep getting is this…love and prayer. Love him  like there is no tomorrow at all, and pray that his Spirit will guide his thoughts and actions. I have to believe that every little seed that I’ve sown has taken root. 

             I went to bed in tears the other night at the thought of Adam REALLY leaving this house for good. I can’t imagine a house without him in it. My spirit is going to have to lead me in that…I know this post is self-indulgent, thats ok…its just whats on my mind today. Last night we had the opportunity to talk about SEX, a little. I usually have about a 2 minute window with Adam, before he tries to escape the horror of talking about it with me.  I know that Thomas is in charge of it, but sometimes the LORD gives me things that I need to tell my son. I AM THE GATEKEEPER, after all. Well, the nugget that he gave me last night was this…..this girl/woman that the Lord is preparing for you, to be your wife….she is going to be spunky, and smart, beautiful, and funny, and her spirit is going to recognize you !!! Basically, the Lord told me to tell my son, that his wife was worth waiting for. Are  you praying for your childrens future spouses ? Who is keeping the gate at your home today ? Just wondering….

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