All about Rosie….

   I refuse to get drawn into a banter with you guys that think I am self absorbed. News flash….this blog is about me. My life, my struggles, my triumphs… love.  That’s why I started it in the first place, I needed a place to vent. An everyday woman, with secret aspirations of being the BEST mom ever( failing), the HOTTEST wife ever, (also failing…), the BEST friend ever(yep…failing). But….I am trying. I am moving forward in of all aspects of my life.  Every day is different. 

                       I don’t know what it is that brings you guys back to read again and again…..maybe its the fact that we all want to BE more than what we see in the mirror, and BE more than what our bank statement says. We WANT to be the image we see in our kid’s eyes, when they look at us. We DESIRE to be the person ABBA sees when he looks into our hearts. Despite our shortcomings, and quirks, and selfish pride, we ARE his beloved. I AM HIS BELOVED. Even with all that other stuff….I AM. And tonight  I am happy to share an unveiled face , waiting for HIS glory to rest on me, just as I am.

2 thoughts on “All about Rosie….

  1. This may be all about you, but if you didn’t want input you would have just written in one of those little books with a key! Most commentors are just trying help by giving their point of view, but.. “If you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen”.

  2. Well Susan, Thank you very much for your insight. I don’t mind the heat, I just hate that you don’t see that I truly am, my own biggest critic. I thought that was obvious.

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