Last night at bed time, Isaiah wanted to try and see Jesus again, and who am I to deny him ?? So, we prayed, and I started out saying ok, now visualize the Lord, maybe he is sitting under a tree….Isaiah said, “no, I got it( meaning, stop talking mom). And he took it from there. I lay there with my eyes closed, totally engulfed in his vision. Isaiah said,” we are on a basketball court, and there is a game going on, Jesus is there and he is wearing a jersey with a big cross on it, his basketball shoes have crosses on them too ! He always gets the ball, but he won’t shoot it, he always passes it mom…So, I say, ok, the game is over, you make your way through the team and fans, all high fiving…. to find Jesus, what does he say to you ? ( that is the point of this, to get a word from the Lord) And Isaiah says,” he picks me up and hugs and kisses me !” Well, in my mind, I saw it all very clearly. Isaiah is small compared to Jesus, and when he makes his way over to him, Jesus has a look on his face that says,” I was waiting for you “, He scoops up my baby, and he holds him so tight, and kisses his face.  It really meant so much to me. I think all of the time about Isaiah, his behaviour, his emotional issues, and I spend a lot of the time questioning whether or not, I am doing right by him. This vision from the Lord gave me some peace, and made me understand that I am not the only one looking out for my son. He is one of the favorite ones !

One thought on “isaiah

  1. From the vision it seems that the Lord always passes the ball meaning he is always leaving the ball in your court. He is always leaving the decisions up to him. But he is there to pass the ball so Isaiah is always seeing him and in the game with him and there to help him if he needs it when he needs help making the baskets.Just a thought though.

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