He still rolls the stone away…

  The stone, the mountain, my bank account, my heart….whatever it is, HE can move it. Easter is being sneaky this year, its so early….I haven’t had as much time as I would like to think about it. Lots of different things about Easter touch me, sometimes it is joy mixed with the pain of what Jesus had to endure, well, actually, the pain he CHOSE to endure….for me. For my darkness,my sin. I do believe that on that day all the demons in hell were dancing, lets just call it a premature celebration. I also believe that all of Heaven held its breath as it watched the only perfect thing to ever be, become covered in the shame of all mankind. Was there a moment when the angels doubted ? I don’t know. And what of Mary ? Is it possible that her pain was as great as that of her son’s ? I don’t know. So many things to think about. I am so grateful. Overwhelmed with the amount of love that he gives me. I am often caught off guard by HIM, paying attention to me, and the details in my life. I have a clear picture of him sitting patiently, watching me, as I do the normal things I have to do each day. He waits for the moment that I will turn my face toward Him, look upon him. I have been guilty of letting the enemy keep me from him, the fullness of his love. This Spring, I feel something changing, something new growing. Maybe its an acceptance of who I am, maybe its the knowledge that he sees the best in me, I don’t know. But I think I like it.

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