when you least expect it…

       We are under the weather over here, Isaiah just got over strepthroat, but now has a cough and low temp today. And then there is Adam, thought he had gotten strepthroat from Z, the Dr. called in meds, but he just did not respond. He is very sick, can’t walk around, sore throat, headache, fever, dizzy….the Dr thinks it might be mono.We will get the test results today, praying for a negative. Mono lasts an average of 4 weeks…..declaring that its NOT that. Join me.

                        I was feeling ok, the boys being sick has given me something to focus on other than myself, but this week, out of the blue, Three different friends took the time to pray for me, send me a card, and one sent me a link to a writers conference. I don’t know if she even knows that, it was a daily devotional written by a lady, who didn’t think she could be a writer, but God had put that dream in her heart, and she was willing to get out of the boat, and walk on the water, or at least attempt it. It really moved me. How often do I say to the Lord ” I don’t trust you, I ‘ll stay in my seat?” Too often.  My heart knows that he plants the seeds that are growing in me, my heart also knows that I have allowed some weeds, and critters into my garden…..there are better times around the corner. I am going to be doing some gardening around here and Spring is just around the corner….for you too.

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