One foot in front of the other….

        Moving forward, night becomes morning, and with it comes another new start. Another chance to lay down my life. It’s not as if I am doing that great of a job with it anyway. And so, here it is again. And again. Nothing is mine, except what you give…which is enough. On a practical level, there is no way for us to make it through the next month financially, and when I say make it, I mean with lights and power. That is the truth. …on this earth. But I am really believing for things unseen. My help will not come from anywhere else.  It is well. If the lights go out, we will turn it into a pioneer experiment, and become educated by that. If the heat is turned off, we will get out the sleeping bags, and call it a camping trip. I will not give up or in. I am not weak, I was ….but that was before Jesus became a squatter in my heart, and now he owns the right to it. Ha ! possession is nine tenths of the law right???He has possession of me. I don’t really know anything other than that right now. But today… that is enough.

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