Are we there yet

         It’s the waiting that I am not good at. Atmosphere is bursting over here, and yet, nothing new. It’s like being in the final days of pregnancy, you could go at any moment, and yet…you don’t.  Something is going on, something is changing….the suspense is killing me.  I have made promises, vows, if you will to Yeshua. Vows to give up my life, my dreams….so why does it bother me so, when I really do have to give something up ? Oh yeah….I am still a human being. That.

                                         you’re all I can see, you, and the way you look at me.

                                          you’re all I can see, you, and the way that you’re saving me.

                                           saving me again today saving me from being carried away on a wave of worldliness, in a sea of destruction

                                            I belong to you, I am yours and I’m here for the taking

                                             take me away again today, sweep me away with the words that you say.

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